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Plastic surgery is one of the fastest growing branches of medicine. Premium Plastic Surgery strives to keep up with this progress, so we are using the safest innovative methods and procedures in Hungary.


Fat Transfer (Fat Grafting, or Lipofilling)

The essence of Fat Transfer (also called Fat Grafting, or Lipofilling) is to harvest fat tissues from a certain body area to inject it back to another site after a special processing procedure for volume enhancement or regenerative purposes.

The method has been applied around the world since the 1990s for the face, breasts, hands, feet, legs, and buttocks, but it can even be used for penis enlargement. During the application, it was discovered that stem cells and growth factors found in the body’s own fat tissues contribute to the improvement of scars, or even to the restoration of the breast tissue after radiotherapy. Thus, Fat Transfer (Fat Grafting, Lipofilling) has not only aesthetic advantages, but it can actually accelerate the process of healing – which is true for any plastic surgery procedure that results in harmony between the body and the soul. LINK

Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer (Lipofilling)

Fat Grafting for volume replacement is an excellent alternative or complement to breast implants. Although cohesive silicone gel implants are now available in high quality with a lifetime warranty – we use only such premium brands in our clinic -, and the human body identifies them as a tissue-friendly material, there are still a good number of people who do not like “artificial” material in their body. Breast Augmentation with Fat Grafting can be a recommended solution for them as long as their anatomy and expectations make it possible. In this case, there is no need for implant replacement later. There is no visible scar, the recovery is faster,  and thanks to the liposuction, Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation has a multiple body-shaping effect and contour enhancement. LINK

Facial Rejuvenation with Fat Transfer (Fat Grafting, Lipofilling)

Fat tissues harvested from another body area with liposuction can be injected into the right places of the face after a special fat processing procedure. This makes the face more taut and youthful, providing spectacular results. Facial Rejuvenation with Fat Transfer is one of the safest techniques, as your own body produces the “filling material”. It is important, however, that the intervention should be performed by a doctor with appropriate professional knowledge and experience, as it literally requires sculptor skills. A special advantage of Fat Transfer (Fat Grafting, Lipofilling) is that so-called regenerative and rejuvenating factors can penetrate into the skin (eg. stem cells), which can also rejuvenate the affected area at the muscle level. The so-called Nano-Fat Grafting technique is used for the lower eyelids and the inner corner of the eye, while Sharp Needle Fat Grafting is the most practical for “laugh lines” and fine lines of lips. The end result is smooth, fresh, youthful face, and restored facial character.  The method is suitable not only for wrinkles but also for correcting contour deformities. LINK

Non-Surgical Nose Job

The shape and contour of the nose, in some cases, can be corrected by injecting hyaluronic acid without surgery. Although the bony structure of the nose can only be corrected with traditional Nose Surgery (Nasoplasty), it is often possible that injecting an absorbent hyaluronic acid based filler can be enough to achieve a harmonic effect. This fast and painless procedure consists of a few injections into the areas of the nose that you want to look more balanced. Non-Surgical Nose Job can be performed half an hour- even at lunchtime – on an outpatient basis. The result is immediately visible. LINK

Breast Augmentation with Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid provides a safe, non-surgical alternative to those who are looking for a surgical solution to improve the contours of their breasts and want maximum one cup size change. HyaCORP (formerly Macrolane) injection consists of hyaluronic acid, which is naturally present in the human body, mainly in the skin, muscles, joints, and bones. It plays a key role in maintaining the moisture content and volume of tissues, and also works as a “lubricant”. The intervention takes about 0.5-1 hour when hyaluronic acid is injected into the volume requiring area. Most of the patients want to make the upper pole of their breasts fuller more spectacular with this technique, gaining a beautiful decolletage.  The hyaluronic acid can cause the breast to grow by 150 to 200 cubic centimeters in a short time, according to the patient’s needs, which can also be used to correct asymmetry. LINK


Hair Transplant

With the most advanced plastic surgery techniques – SafeSystem-FUE Hair Transplantation and Fat Transfer (also known as Fat Grafting or Lipofilling) into the scalp –, we help all those who want to get their youthful hair back. There is a pattern of baldness that can be observed in practically every man: while hair follicles on the temples and on the top of the head are prone to “give up ” quickly, those on the back of the head are much more “durable”. This is due to their resistance to the hormonal effects of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Thus, Hair Transplantation happens from one area of the scalp to another. FUE stands for “Follicular Unit Extraction”, meaning the removal of hair follicles from the donor area one by one. LINK

If you are interested in any of the above interventions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are looking forward to have a personal consultation!

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