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Dr. Peter Vancso

Graduated from Semmelweis University in 1993. Plastic surgeon, traumatologist, hand surgeon.

Since graduating from medical school, the surgical profession has been a major part of his life. During his professional development, he acquired plastic surgery skills besides the most outstanding surgeons in Hungary (e.g. Prof. Dr. Antal Renner).

A regular participant in domestic and foreign congresses. Dr. Peter Vancso is always looking for the best possible solution for his patients without compromise. He is convinced that only the best and most optimal result is what we can strive for.

During his study trips abroad, he is researching the latest and most effective ways to treat his patients.

Dr. Vancso’s professional activities include aesthetic plastic surgery, restorative plastic surgery, and hand surgery. His experience in the latter can effectively help with cases such as carpal tunnel syndrome, triggertenyéri  finger or Dupuytren-contracture.

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