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Dr. Gergely Pataki

Founder and CEO of Premium Plastic Surgery since 2010, aiming at the highest level of plastic-aesthetic surgery.

Dr. Gergely Pataki is a surgeon and plastic surgeon who graduated from Semmelweis Medical University. He worked for years as a surgeon and a candidate for plastic surgery and then as a plastic surgeon in Germany.

In the meantime, he has spent several longer study trips as scholarships in the Netherlands, Brazil, Australia, and the United States.

After returning, he received further training in the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Department and the Plastic and Burn Unit of the State Health Center for one year, and until 2010 he worked full-time in the Burn and Plastic Surgery Department of Szent Istvan Hospital, Budapest.

Dr. Pataki also runs the Plastic Surgery Department of the Department of Pediatric Surgery at St. John’s Hospital Budapest, where he performs restorative plastic surgery on children. He is also a consultant for plastic surgery in the Orthopedic Department of the hospital, mainly performing microsurgery and limb restorative plastic surgery.

In recent years, he has participated as a lecturer at many professional congresses and has published in leading professional journals abroad.

In 2010, he and his German colleague set up a mission in Bangladesh to help children and women in need with restorative plastic surgery. For Dr. Pataki, charity alongside private practice is both a professional and a human accomplishment.



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