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Dr. Attila Fekete

Specialized in Breast Augmentation with premium-quality breast implants, Breast Reduction and Breast Lift.

Graduated from the Medical University of Debrecen in 1988. Breast Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery expert of Premium Plastic Surgery Budapest, Hungary.

He started working on the field of traumatology, and as a young surgeon, he began to deal with tissue deficiencies of various origins.

Since this area was almost unknown in Hungary at that time, Dr. Fekete had a one-year study trip to Munich, to  one of the largest and most famous plastic surgery clinics, winning  an international scholarship  where he managed to acquire the knowledge that he could contribute to the creation and organization of the hand surgery department in Debrecen.

At the plastic surgery in Germany, he took notice of the almost unlimited possibilities of plastic surgery, so after returning home he sought to gain the greatest possible knowledge. He has completed the necessary studies, taking the specialist examination in Traumatology, then Hand Surgery – and finally in 1997, in Plastic Surgery.

Restorative and aesthetic surgery has accompanied him for the past 20-25 years. This is his profession, his life, his hobby.

Permanent work, further training, new challenges indicate Dr. Fekete’s way ahead. For professional development, he spent years in Germany and Austria, where his chief physician position made it possible to extend and improve his surgical palette.

After 7 years spent abroad, he was invited to be the head of the Plastic Surgery Department of Military Hospital – State Health Centre, Budapest. Dr. Fekete has been working in Hungary since 2017, where in the past two years, besides leading the department, he managed to raise the surgical repertoire to the international level again.

It is a great pleasure for him to be part of the high-quality team represented by Premium Plastic Surgery.

Based on his international experience, he claims with confidence that Premium Plastic Surgery is one of the best-organized and best-qualified clinics in Hungary.

“We work to ensure that patients coming to us receive maximum empathy and discretion, with the utmost professional care, to the satisfaction of all of us. It’s good to work in this team. I am sure that our patients have similar opinions, and their feedback also proves that” he says.

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